Phindile Gwala’s sister catching a chicken, eating it, then feeding it

South Africans couldn’t get enough of Phindile Gwala’s sister, Belinda’s video, who catches a chicken, eats it and feeds it to another chicken.

The content creator Belinda, who is related to former Imbewu: The Seed actress Phindile Gwala shared the chicken video on her Instagram account on Saturday, 5 August.




She captioned it: “I love being home at home. Because I get to do my favourite thing, catching chickens.”

Her video trended on Twitter, received 1.1 million views and also went viral on other social media platforms, Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram.

South Africans were in awe of her chicken catching skills and loved her humour in the video, where she feeds the slaughtered chicken, to another chicken.

“What’s very interesting about the wild chicken is they would eat their own,” laughs Belinda.@PhindileGwala: “It’s giving National Geographic.”

@Lasizwe: “Can we talk about your lack of fear my dhiye?”

Pababing: “Hearing someone scream “period” while someone else is catching a chicken is something I never thought I’d see.”

@TtshepangGalane: “Catching chickens in a satin dress is mad business.”

@Ori_RSA: “Damn… they don’t make them like this these days.”

@AshleyMoonrox: “The way it was screaming it knew it was over and done. If I was a chicken, you’d never find me lacking.”

@OdianMondlane: “How did she catch it like ligintsa la pitori (thug from Pretoria) snatching a purse! She’s not even timid. I love her character.”

@Freshe62796650: “When we say women are dangerous, so don’t understand.”