Owami Mafokate steps out of her father, Arthur’s shadow

childhood star and DJ, Owami Mafokate, has shared that her father has finally given her the green light to live out her childhood dreams.

The Joburg-based musician expressed her excitement about being visible on TV.

The 30-year-old revealed to the publication that her father, Arthur Mafokate, has always been protective, especially since she is his daughter.

For many years, her father had reservations about her appearing on TV.

Owami shared that he eventually agreed to their participation in a reality show titled Born Into Fame on Showmax, which showcases the lives of children of wealthy and famous musicians.

“I received a call about the show and, knowing my dad’s previous stance on TV appearances, I thought he would oppose it. But to my surprise, he agreed, and I was ecstatic after our meeting to discuss the proposal,” she said.

The journey has been incredible yet somewhat odd for Owami, as it involves being constantly followed by cameras.

“Living this way as a child felt normal, but now it’s a bit intimidating, though still fun,” she explained.

Owami often finds it challenging to describe what it’s like being born into fame, as this lifestyle is all she has ever known.

“Growing up with public figures as parents, I felt the pressure to follow in their footsteps, yet I also enjoyed the perks, such as attending various events, meeting celebrities, traveling, and experiencing new things to share at school,” she noted.

From a very young age, Owami was immersed in entertainment, starting to dance before she was five and performing shortly thereafter.

“Accompanying my dad, a musician and label manager, was a highlight of my childhood. It’s amazing how much you learn by being immersed in such an environment. It’s probably why entering the entertainment industry felt so natural to me,” she reflected.

Owami is thrilled about the upcoming reality show on Showmax, starting this month.

“Viewers can expect to see a fun and bubbly personality connecting with family, friends, and others in the industry. There will be more DJing, insights into music production, and a sneak peek into a new EP I’m planning to release in collaboration with my brother, AJ Mafokate. Being surrounded by talented peers is truly inspiring,” she said.

The Born Into Fame show offers Owami the opportunity to learn from her peers and explore different perspectives outside her usual environment.

“Overall, it’s an enjoyable experience. It may seem strange at times, but I am gaining a wealth of knowledge, and I trust that viewers will also enjoy our reality show,” she said.