Ntando Duma and neighbour settle dispute in court

South African actress Ntando Duma and her neighbor have amicably resolved their ongoing dispute through a court settlement. The disagreement, which had drawn public attention, concluded peacefully, with both parties expressing relief at the resolution.




Duma, renowned for her television roles, emphasized the importance of maintaining good relations with neighbors and expressed satisfaction with the outcome. This settlement underscores her commitment to fostering a harmonious community environment.

South African actress Ntando Duma and her neighbor reached a settlement through the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday. The agreement mandates that both parties refrain from threatening, harassing, or intimidating each other.

Additionally, they are prohibited from using homophobic, belittling, or racial slurs. The settlement also specifies that neither party can verbally, emotionally, or physically abuse the other or enlist third parties for harassment. They must avoid each other’s premises and not contact each other, including via social media. Following the incident, the neighbor was evicted from their rental property, while Duma remains in her owned residence.