Musa Mseleku responds to rumours that he treats Mpumelelo’s children better than Sne’s children.

Uthando Nesthembu” star Musa Mseleku has reacted to being accused of treating Mpumelelo’s kids better than Sne’s.

Reality star and businessman Musa Mseleku recently faced backlash on social media. He was accused of allegedly picking favorites among his grandchildren. A fan said he treats his son Mpumelelo Mseleku’s children better than his daughter Sne’s children.




He was also accused of being ashamed of Sne and mistreating her.
It started when a fan with the handle @paballo_maseko called the reality star out and accused him of being ashamed of his daughter. He wrote,

“Musa Mseleku is such a confusing man. He treats Mpumelelo’s girlfriends better than Sne. He gets happy to see them pregnant and making more grandkids but is ashamed of Sne having multiple kids. Being misogynistic towards your own daughters is just wild. #UthandoNesthembu.”

Speaking to Briefly News, Musa said,

“I am not shocked and distracted by those allegations. A viewer who has been following uThando Nesithembu would know that Sne, as a child, had been given by me love throughout even when she disappointed me. Our issue doesn’t emanate from her having children it started way before that.”

He also shared why he’s been disappointed with her.

“Sne dropped out of school I tried to show a way she ran away. When she was pregnant I was disappointed but over time I reconciled with her as if that was not enough she left her child and went and stayed with her boyfriend. I was looking for her up and down. She left her children with no one I had to make some means to look after them up until my First wife intervened.”