“.Motlatsi Mafatshe gushes over his wife

Motlatsi Mafatshe and Gabisile Tshabalala, TV celebrities, have addressed the “backlash” the couple has received over their relationship, following suspicions that they left their respective partners for each other.

The two acknowledged in a 2023 episode of their newly created YouTube channel “Gabi & Mo,” titled “Why We Divorced (part 1),” that despite knowing each other for years, they began dating little over a year ago.

“There was a rumour saying that we left our partners for us to be with each other.I think most of the backlash is on me because it looks like I came into his marriage and messed things up for him,” added the star.




The pair said that they anticipated the hate or negativity towards the relationship when they started dating, and “when we did, I think God had already prepared my heart”.I did not leave my ex-husband for Motlatsi. I left because the marriage wasn’t working out. We tried everything, we tried impepho, we tried prayer. I gave it my all, and I don’t regret anything.Things did not work out. He’s not a bad person. We were just not meant to be together.

Tshabala further explained that although she has no regrets about her previous marriage, she was married to a “narcissist”.
Gabisile Tshabalala was married for seven years and has two children with her former husband. Echoing this, the House of Zwide star said he doesn’t have any regrets, and when he realised that he was not happy in his marriage, he opted out.

“In my case, I felt like a mutual thing, and no one had the guts to go ‘let’s jump’. At some point, I think the love kind of ended. Right now, I’m very happy. She makes me happy,” said Mafatshe, making reference to Tshabalala.

The pair insisted that their precious marriages have not deterred them from wanting to tie the knot again.“Do I believe in marriage, and would I do it again? Definitely, I believe in the institution of marriage, and we share the same sentiments.Through her , I saw God. You reminded me of God and how I liked that space because you are such a God-fearing woman. It was like God was repairing me; would I do it again (marry) without a blink of an eye?” added Mafatshe.