‘Money can’t keep a woman’: Shadaya on Wicknell Chivayo’s divorce

Zimbabwean social commentator Shadaya claimed money could not keep a woman after Wicknell Chivayo divorced. Wicknell’s wife took it to Instagram on 24 March, sharing her relationship for the past few months and weeks.



Undoubtedly, Wicknell has been making headlines in the past few months with his expenditures. He bought carts for some of the most celebrities in the country, like Alick Macheso and Seh Callaz.

While doing so, it seemed that not everything was going well in Wicknell’s marriage, as his wife claimed. After the issue reached the public, controversial celebrity, Shadaya, divided fans with his conclusion.

“Can we now agree? Money can’t keep a woman,” Shadaya said.
Shadaya and Wicknell Chivayo made headlines a few weeks ago after the former rejected a car from the latter. After Wicknell offered Shadaya a vehicle, he refused to accept it, saying he would rather walk on foot.

All this Shadaya did was say he was a strong man who would not accept unjustified gifts from other men. All this did not sit well with Chvayo, who responded with some harsh words.

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Sonja detailed her coming divorce from Wicknell Chivayo and how things had not been going well.

“I also want to come here and say clearly that you guys just need to let Wicknell be and back off him slightly. He’s a single guy. He has been a single guy for a while. And Wicknell and I are no longer together and have not been together for a while.” she started.

“It is going to be made official; I think we were going to be more official and direct about it on 1 May. We are still ironing out a few things and are probably going back and forth about, but those people who know know.” she continued.

“All I can say is he can do whatever he likes with whoever he wants. He is allowed to do that as a single guy, and I am also single. Single in that, I am sure he has lots of other people, but he is single in that he is not married to me,” she said.

Before his divorce came out, rumours kinked Wicknell Chivayo to Mihlali Ndamase. The rumours made headlines, but Wicknell and Mihlali shot it down, saying they were not in a relationship.

Denying the rumours, Mihlali shared on her Instagram stories thanking Wicknell for clearing the rumour.

“Thank you for clarifying this, @sir_wicknell. It’s so sad the obsession South Africans have with giving me men, being associated with men I’ve never even met. Please check your facts before spreading harmful rumours that have no supporting evidence,” Mihlali wrote on her Instagram stories.