Minnie Dlamini believes her roast will rank among the funniest

TV personality and actress Minnie Dlamini opens up about her Showmax roast.

The businesswoman Minenhle “Minnie” Dlamini, who was recently roasted believes she was one of the most popular girls in the early 2000s.


Sunday World reports that Dlamini makes history as the second black African woman to be roasted after Khanyi Mbau.

The media personality says her roast on Showmax will rank among the funniest. She adds that this is a moment for her to see and hear a lot of the things that people have been saying about her.

“In addition to that, this is a celebration of myself and my career. So, my roast will surely be a good day at the office. What a way to get paid,” she adds.

Comedians and TV personalities Jason Goliath and Tumi Morake serve as roastmasters at the Showmax Roast of Minnie Dlamini.

The star-studded panel is made up of Robert Marawa, Lasizwe, Celeste Ntuli, Penny Lebyane, Trevor Gumbi, Siv Ngesi, Da L.E.S., and Shahan Ramkissoon.

Dlamini says the panellists are outstanding, and the comedians on the panel are the ones who truly get the idea of a roast the best.

Stuart Taylor, who is Laugh Africa Comedy Festival Creative Director tells Bona: “Having all these brilliant individuals on the panel giving Minnie a roast is like pulling the pin from a grenade and tossing it in there. It’s shrapnel everywhere. It’s people on the ground.”

Taylor adds that she wanted a roast where the panelists really celebrated Minnie and had fun at her expense. But in a light-hearted way without going for the jugular.

“We were careful about curating a panel of people who have worked with Minnie, people who know her, but also some people who are quite odd and wouldn’t be associated with her necessarily” adds Taylor.

@Jabu_Macdonald: “Robert Marawa Trevor Gumbi Minnie Dlamini and Celeste Ntuli were the best for me.”

@lerrykins_: “Celeste Ntuli said Penny is the only person on the panel who has a Duku-duku award and I’m howling!”

@KhumaloDanica: “I know there are probably people who write whatever they have to say but Minnie’s delivery was lit. She cooked them all.”

@khanyie_sohoma: “Lasizwe, Uncle Robert, Celest and Trevor did it for me.”

@ItsZoeMad: “Lasizwe was so good “Hey daddy” and “I’m so scared” took me out.”

@GetrudeM: “She brought all the laughs as usual yhooo my stomach hurts comedian par excellence. Celeste Ntuli the mvp.”