Mdala and Simone move in together love is in the air

Mdala and Simone move in together love is in the air ❤ #eTvScandal









Monday 3 June 2024 – Episode 47**
A friend is forced to reveal a manipulation plot to save another from making a terrible decision. In a desperate attempt to save Jojo, Phakamile agrees to a meeting that, unbeknownst to her, will seal her fate.
**Tuesday 4 June 2024 – Episode 48**
A mother has her son’s best interests at heart, but he’s not ready to take her advice. Motshabi finds herself in an unmanageable situation, sinking fast like quicksand.**Wednesday 5 June 2024 – Episode 49**
A woman concocts a diabolical lie to cover up an indiscretion. Guilt leads to a spontaneous declaration that could prove very damaging to another heart.

**Thursday 6 June 2024 – Episode 50**
Linda unwittingly reveals damning information. Nhlamulo and Vuvu try to advise their friend on the right course of action.
**Friday 7 June 2024 – Episode 51**
Jojo’s life continues to spiral out of control. Dintle tells lie after lie to hide the fact that she is not doing as well as people think.

**Monday 10 June 2024 – Episode 52**
A heated confrontation between lovers leads to a devastating admission of guilt. Dintle’s desperation takes a new turn as she runs out of options.**Tuesday 11 June 2024 – Episode 53**
Taps makes a verbal threat, leaving Mdala troubled. A sister has to explain her life choices to win back her brother’s trust.

**Wednesday 12 June 2024 – Episode 54**
Winnie makes a very worrying discovery. Taps makes good on his threat, leaving a woman reeling. Layla remains in the dark and offers an incentive.

**Thursday 13 June 2024 – Episode 55**
A nosy relative shows up just in time to disrupt a man’s fatal end. Dintle exploits Khanyi to pull at Mo’s heartstrings to get what she wants.

**Friday 14 June 2024 – Episode 56**
Tlhogi is taken aback by Mdala’s reaction to the reveal of their indiscretion. Jojo is left in disbelief when the punishment for his crime is revealed.

**Monday 17 June 2024 – Episode 57**
A reprimand leads to a damning revelation. A man decides to leave behind his broken life.

**Tuesday 18 June 2024 – Episode 58**
Nhlamulo learns that his actions have brought his worst fears to reality. Caiphus’ lavish promises to suppliers land him in trouble with Ndu.

**Wednesday 19 June 2024 – Episode 59**
A woman kills two birds with one stone. Business doom looms over Chillax. A sobering incident makes a woman realize how far she’s fallen.

**Thursday 20 June 2024 – Episode 60**
Taps’ offer to help Nhlamulo comes with an agenda. Caiphus’ new ideas for Chillax get MaHilda buzzing. A blast from the past recognizes Dintle, but not for her recently acquired fame.