Makhadzi apologises for her Durban July’s dress

Makhadzi mocks her Durban July dress

Makhadzi writes a note of apology to people offended by her dress worn to Durban July 2024 over the weekend.

This past weekend was painted with various beauties and fashion statements from our South African celebrities at the annual event held at Durban.




While some outfits impressed social media users, a few others failed to impress.

It appears that Makhadzi didn’t continue with her sizzling fashion statements as some people laughed off the outfit.

Reacting to the comments from social media, the Limpopo-born singer apologised on her social media account.

The BET-award-winning musician said the dress was a last-minute plan, hence she couldn’t plan for something grand.

Makhadzi took no offence in the mockery, as she joined in poking fun at herself.

“So this is me the entire day laughing 😂 at myself. I am like I think I was supposed to pose like this and post, no one was gonna notice the curves. Because wooow this curves are not curvering, when I get to Johannesburg kenyaka oloma designer, designer khavhe akho relocater shem 😂😂😂😂.”

“Zonzo my brother you tried to show me some poses you were scared to tell me this dress is not dressing 😂. I would like to apologise to my designer for asking a dress nga last minute, after winning BET I thought I will stay IN AMERICA FOR A WEEK , I had to change my mind because there’s no pap and I couldn’t survive.”