Life after actress Nomvelo Makhanya (Lindiwe) left Scandal!

Popular Mzansi actress Nomvelo Makhanya has social media talking following her recent interview. No doubt Nomvelo Makhanya had her shot to fame as a child star when she joined the star-studded cast of’s drama series Scandal.



The 28-year-old actress nailed her on-screen character of Lindiwe Maseko-Ngema with perfection up until her dramatic exit. After a decade, the actress was written off in 2022. However, against her exit, she pulled a shocker when she revealed that the environment had become too toxic for her to handle.

Nomvelo Makhanya even revealed that she almost committed suicide because of the working environment she was in. Against the damming allegations, the drama series downplayed the allegations.

Nomvelo Makhanya
Responding to the claims at the time, the production made it known that it was ‘unaware’ that the bubbly actress’s environment had become toxic. The show went on to confirm that she was written off because her storyline had come to an end.


During her recent interview on the Access Genie Podcast on YouTube, Nomvelo Makhanya revealed that she was written off because she had reported her director and floor manager for being drunk while on set.

However, since her dramatic exit, she hasn’t starred in several big-budget drama series. Against the backdrop of her disappearance, Mzansi has been trying to find out her whereabouts.

The actress, however, revealed that she is now making more money outside acting. Speaking in her recent interview on Access Genile Podcast, on YouTube a year after her dramatic exit and life after Scandal.

Nomvelo Makhanya added, “I was redlisted for a while. That basically means you do not work. The minute you show up, they already know who you are because they have been told. They wanted to prove they were bigger than me and made me. It is a power thing.


Nomvelo Makhanya
“I was very suicidal just after I lost my job. I have got extreme anxiety. So, I heard voices in my head that would constantly tell me that I deserved it. I spent so much of my time and gave so much of myself to that show for ten years,” Nomvelo Makhanya added.

“But what is strange is that I make a lot of money outside of acting now,” the actress added.

The actress did not reveal what she had been up to, but Mzansi was quick to connect the dots thanks to her social media feeds. According to the rumour mill, she has been cashing in from her huge social media following through ambassadorial gigs.

Nomvelo Makhanya recently switched the floor to DJying and has been sharing her journey on social media.