Letoya Makhene celebrates her daughter’s 18th birthday with a heart-melting message

Well-known South African actress, Letoya Makhene expresses excitement as her daughter Nubia turns 18 years old.Taking to Instagram, the actress shared cute photos of her daughter and captioned them with lovely words.Letoya says she’s honored to be Nubia’s mum; she also gushed over her intelligence and other traits.“You and I did this 18yrs ago, baby… I became a mother and you decided that you would come through me! To say that I am honoured would be an understatement because words are not enough to describe the beautiful young woman I’ve watched you become,” Letoya wrote.”You are intelligent, funny and intense all at the same time.


My no nonsense girl 4. I’ve watched you bravely and fiercely protect each one of your brothers and me from the world. I’ve watched your old soul love and keep us all in check!”Now I watch as I will slowly have to let go to allow you to blossom further and spread your pretty wings. Yes… SLOWLY…at my pace I Love you, Nubia I’m a proud mom,” Makhene added.