‘Lady of my dreams’: Dr Musa gushes over gorgeous wife Liesl

Four years ago, South African TV personality and medical professional Dr Musa Mthombeni started dating his now-wife, former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie.

The couple surprised many of their supporters when they revealed that they were engaged. And now Dr Musa is being praised for taking husband life so seriously.



This week, they hogged headlines after Dr Musa obtained his qualification in radiology. And now Dr Musa is trending after swooning over Liesl once again.

A few years ago, Dr Musa and Liesl Laurie wowed most of South Africa with their stunning wedding photos.

And now Dr Musa has gotten the attention of thousands of locals who just can’t get over how romantic he is towards his new wife Liesl.

The reaction comes as Musa continues to shower Liesl with love and affection in various social media posts – almost as if he can’t believe he is married to the woman of his dreams.

When he isn’t showing off his wife, he is in the comment section of her posts hyping her up the way a husband should – or at least that’s what South Africans think.

This week, he headed online to celebrate his woman on International Women’s Day.

“To the lady of my dreams who was there when the dream became a reality. For all the hours spent away from you whilst studying.

“For all the meals you prepared whilst I was sweating in the study room. For all the long nights I’d come to bed at 4 am and mistakenly wake you up.

“For all this and more, thank you, my baby. I love you always. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni (specialist radiologist by marriage).”

See the beautiful post here.

Many Twitter users have since been tweeting about how romantic Dr Musa is while praising him for being unashamed of showing the world how much he loves his stunning wife.

As a result, Dr Musa was trending as people discussed how sweet he is:
“You are the best husband in the entire world ke sana,” one person wrote while another said:

“Im laughing to myself because im seeing an alignment between your efforts and the work you put in and your dreams.”