Kelly Khumalo’s children attend their aunt, Zandile’s son’s christening

Blood is Thicker than water. This saying might be overrated in some instances but it is absolutely true. No one can be more loyal to you than a loved one. Through blood relatives that’s where you see that indeed love is kind and doesn’t keep record of each other’s wrong doings.




Kelly Khumalo is an reality star and award winning musician. She’s amongst some of the best vocalists in the country. She’s underrated because her personal life takes the shine from her. She is known for not getting away with her younger sister award winning musician Zandile Khumalo.

Zandile has a small child and has made it public knowledge that their children will get along no matter what. Hence it was not a surprise when Kelly Khumalo’s children attended her child’s christening. Even Kelly was there. It is good to see the two sisters getting along because at the end of the day, they only have each other.