I have been through so much in my life – Lady Du speaks out

Lady Du announces her new single, Underrated which features Nkosazana Daughter, Aymos, Professor, and four others. Taking to Instagram on Monday, the South African singer revealed what inspired the title of the single which is off her forthcoming NGWENYA EP. The EP’s title is her family’s name and she’s excited about the project.“I’m an African child born from the NGWENYA family!! I’ve been through sooo much in my life, I feel like my grandfather would be sooo proud if he was alive. On the 10th we are dropping my first single from the EP titled NGWENYA with the most amazing vocalist ever @nkosazana_daughter who taught me sooo much about myself in a shot space of time!”







“I’m finally dropping my EP on my actual birthday the 17th of may. I worked with people I feel South Africa needs to see!!! Vocal powerhouses, I chose the title UNDERRATED to represent all the artists that feel like they should be somewhere but there’s a lot happening that stops them from being the greatest.This is for all the independent artists. People that do everything themselves. All the people that do so much for the industry but feel like. Trapped!!! As a person that’s been there listen to your heart!!!!! Don’t forget where you come from!!!!! God will see you!!! Let your surname carry you!!!! Build your legacy!!!!!! Thank you all for saving my life,” Lady Du wrote.