HouseOfZwide Ladies & Gents, the dream wedding of Molefe and Dorothy finally came true and it’s beautiful!

House of Zwide’s Molefe and Dorothy finally made it down the aisle in a beautiful wedding.Coming up on House of Zwide this June 2024:

Monday 3 June 2024 – Episode 231
With Molefe growing increasingly suspicious about the surprise wedding plans, Ona enlists Zanele to do Dorothy’s make-up, while Keletso volunteers to DJ.Tuesday 4 June 2024 – Episode 232
Mampho is upset and accuses Ona of sending Keletso to ask Soka not to attend the wedding with her. As a result, Mampho declares that she and Soka will not attend the wedding.
Wednesday 5 June 2024 – Episode 233
Mampho changes her mind and agrees to attend the wedding after a heartfelt apology from Keletso, who explains she was only trying to protect Ona’s feelings.





Thursday 6 June 2024 – Episode 234
Dorothy is surprised and touched by how far family and friends have gone to arrange her wedding. The community celebrates as Molefe and Dorothy exchange vows in a fairy tale wedding.

Friday 7 June 2024 – Episode 235
Molefe and Maria are unsure of how Isaac will feel about their plans to change the salon. While Molefe hesitates, Maria works up the courage to ask Isaac.