Happy Birthday To Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla Mafu turns 46 years old today.

South African musician Nhlanhla Mafu revealed her age on her birthday on 15 March.








Nhlanhla Mafu remains one of the country’s most famous and talented vocalists with hit songs under Mafikizolo. The talented vocalist became famous when she started Mafikizolo with Theo Kgosinkwe.

With the two backing as early as 1997, many fans could not believe it when they met her now. Some still believe that Nhlanhla is now an old-looking lady, but they are wrong.

Indeed, Nhlanhla managed to keep herself young despite being one of the veteran vocalists in the country. After revealing her age on her birthday, NaakMusiq called her twin as they shared their birthday.NHLANHLA MAFU’S AGE REVEALED ON HER BIRTHDAY
Sharing the news of her birthday on Instagram, Nhlanhla was grateful to God for her life.

“Lord, as I celebrate my birthday today🎂 , I say this with the most grateful heart. Only by your Grace, Lord and immeasurable Love for me have I made it this far and still going strong 🥺. And for that, Father God, I am thankful. I love you, Lord, ☺️🥰🙏🏾. Happy birthday to me🎂🥰💃🏽🌸❤️🙏🏾” she said.

After revealing her age, her workmate, Theo Kgosinkwe, also wished her a happy birthday.

“Happy birthday 🎂 Mafiki. Time flies, but we are ageing very well. May God bless you with good health and bless all your heart desires; enjoy your birthday with your loved ones.” Theo said.MAFIKIZOLO’S SUCCESS
As Nhlanhla celebrated her birthday, we looked at her musical career alongside Theo Kgpsinkwe under Mafikizolo. Mafikizolo graced South Africa back in 1996, and this immediately hit the ground running,

Within a few years after formation, they won the Group of the Year at the 9th South African Music Awards (SAMA) in 2003. Indeed, this was only the start of a beautiful career for then the three stars, including Tebogo Benedict Madingoane.

The following year, Mafikizolo won the Duo of the Year at the 10TH SAMA after Tebogo left. Since then, they won several top awards, with 2014 being their best year when they won nine awards.MZANSI WISH HER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY
After Nhlanhla Mafu revealed her age and celebrated her birthday, fans and celebrities wished her well on Instagram.

@Wanda Baloyi “Happy birthday, my sweet sis. I love you forever ❤”

@Sophie Ndaba “Happy birthday, gorgeous😍🔥❤️ May God continue to bless you and keep you❤️❤️”