Good Samaritan BI Phakathi donates R10k to the beloved Albany girl known for her infectious smile

BI Phakathi gave a massive R10,000 to the cherished young child recognized for her contagious smile, Lethukukhanye Mjaji. This happened following her uncle’s confession that the Albany brand reportedly failed to pay them for their pictures, according to The South African.

Photographer Lungisani Mjaji cleared the record claiming that neither he nor his niece had received payment from the Albanay brand.The KwaNongidi, KwaZulu-Natal, 26-year-old commercial photographer then said he tries his hardest to look after his niece.




“We received no compensation from that Albany thing,” he said. “Let’s dispel the notion that we gained anything from it. We’ve moved on, we’re creating, and I trust that God will guide our path.I personally support the child with what little I have. Ubuntu abusekho [there is no more ubuntu],” he wrote.BI Phakathi tagged the bread company and encouraged them to do the right thing after witnessing Lungisani Mjaji’s post. He did this while reposting the photographer’s post on X.

The Albany brand doesn’t seem to have replied. In the meantime, BI Phakathi has made the decision to assist Lungisani and his niece on his own. The little child received a massive R10,000 present from BI.

“Showing love to the young girl. We are donating R10,000 for her to keep her smiling,” BI Phakathi wrote

Additionally, Lungisani Mjaji and his niece Lethukukhanye Mjaji will travel abroad, according to VW Travel & Tours. The company revealed that in addition to awarding the two R2000, they had also arranged for an all-expense-paid trip for them to travel outside of the nation.