Gogo Skhotheni’s heart-melting birthday message

Mzansi Reality TV star, and DJ, Gogo Skhotheni is heartbroken as her son, Monde Jr Shange marks his 2nd birthday in the hospital.

The Sangoma who recently announced being born again revealed that her son has spent two years in the hospital.

Skhotheni says her challenge won’t make her stop praising God, despite being tested.






“@mondershange you’ve been at that hospital bed ever since you know all the nurses, doctors and cleaners we are now planning your 2nd birthday you still there. God is testing the wrong woman son I will forever love him I will forever praise him noma isimo singavumi,” the DJ wrote.

Skhotheni further revealed that Amadlozi were quier and did nothing while she was in pain, but her faith is strong in God.

Monde has an Instagram account, which is believed to be managed by his parents.

“I was born when my mom was 7months pregnant according to her she never had complications she never even had labour pains but because God has his plans with my life my mom gave birth early,April 12 2022 I was born on this video I was fighting for my life as you can see the doctors were trying by all means to give me oxygen as I couldn’t breathe,on the second frame it’s 2hrs after the doctors struggled they then had to quickly rush me to NICU,” reads a post on his Instagram account.