Get to know Mapula from Rhythm City

Mapula Mafole is a model and actor. She has acted in various films, including Rhythm City, a popular South African television series in which she portrays Mapula.

Her date of birth is July 18, 1990, and her place of birth is in the North West Province of South Africa. Mapula Mafole is 31 years old. Her birthday celebration comes up every year on July 18. Shares the same birthday as Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa.




She attended AFDA and obtained and holds a degree in acting from the institution. Mafole had her graduation in 2013.She has appeared in several shows, including Intersections (2012) and Rhythm City (2015). Mafole has also appeared in Generations: The Legacy, Soul City, and Z’ Bondiwen. In Rhythm City, she plays the role of a young orphan girl, a seventeen-year-old.

On Rhythm City, the character’s name is Mapula, and she tries to cater to her siblings and herself. According to Mafole, the role she portrays in the show is similar to that of her real-life experience. Her parents abandoned them and left for the U.K. when they were very young; this resulted in her suffering from depression and having to seek professional help. She was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the SAFTAs for Rhythm City.She was born into Moses and Monica’s family. Her parents are still living, and her mother is a registered nurse. Thabiso Mafole and Kabelo Mafole are her two brothers, while Tebogo Mafole is her older sister.

She resided in Klerksdorp with her family until the family relocated to Tshwane when Mafole was ten (10). Her parents traveled to the United Kingdom for work-related reasons, leaving her and her sister in Tebogo’s care.

After her parents left, she struggled with the change in schools. She also found it rough to live the city life and would often feel isolated and lonely. She bottled up all her feelings and thoughts, which ultimately led to depression and struggles with anxiety. She would cope by locking herself up in her bedroom and sleeping for days. She would also go days without eating and cry a lot.She decided to seek help from a psychologist again. She was able to recollect her life. Today, the actress says that depression and mental health illnesses can be triggered by anything. She still has moments when she struggles with anxiety and depression.

Mapula enjoys music. She has a bass guitar, which she regards as her finest buy to date. Her passion for music began while she lived with her older sister and her DJ husband. She aspires to be a DJ as well in the future.

The actress’ passion for cars is undeniable. She frequently shares pictures of herself with expensive cars. She has yet to reveal which automobile models she owns. She has, however, revealed that her babyface has gotten her pulled over while driving in the past. The officers frequently assumed she was underage.