Former ‘Muvhango’ star says her husband impregnated his mistress

Former Muvhango actress Milicent Makhado best known for her role as Agness on the SABC 2 telenovela recently took to Instagram and revealed that her husband was unfaithful.

According to one of her posts on social media, the beloved actress revealed that not only did her husband step out of their marriage, but he also impregnated his mistress. Milicent Makhado further shared that this also happened while she was hoping to have more kids with her husband.

In the social media post, she wrote: “I know you guys were praying for me to have more kids, some even thought I will have twins, but God refused. Unfortunately, a beautiful baby boy was conceived behind my marriage back, turning 1 in April. I found out yesterday.”

According to ZiMoja, the 42-year-old actress also empathised with her husband’s side chick/ baby mama, saying that she too deserves love and support.

“God knew I will need a shoulder to cry on today. He made sure I was not alone, today was the worst day of my life. I don’t know what would have happened if I was alone,” Makhado was quoted as saying.



According to Briefly, Milicent Makhado was previously married. In actual fact, it’s said that her first child was conceived from her first marriage. Unfortunately, the marriage ended, and when she left, she reportedly cited abuse.

Once again, getting candid about her marriage with her fans and social media followers online, in January 2021, the actress is said to have gotten the courage to open up about the dark side of her marriage via her YouTube channel.

According to the publication, in an episode on her channel, Millicent took time to explain that it was difficult for her to leave her husband. She reportedly cited being brainwashed and also said she stayed in her marriage longer than she should have in the notion that God hates divorce.