Fikile Mlomo has been hospitalised for over a month after losing her ability to walk.

Popular gospel music musician Fikile Mlomo has lost her mobility and is now wheelchair bound.

The KwaZulu-Natal-born singer has been sharing pictures and videos of herself on lying on her hospital bed. Mlomo also shared her story. She revealed on Face







book that she had been in hospital for over a month now.

Mlomo, who is well-known for her hit song Hayi Inyweba Abanayo, explained that she did not get injured, neither was she in an accident. The singer said that her lower body became numb causing her to losing mobility in her legs.

“I use a walker or a wheelchair. People mustn’t be surprised and think I am acting because people like thinking gospel stars are acting when they tell their stories,” said the singer.

“My whole body was in pain and the next thing I fainted. I was rushed to hospital and suddenly I couldn’t walk.

“I know this is the Lord’s will and I am leaving everything in His hands and that of doctors. I know whatever I am going through, the Lord remains in control. I know he won’t leave nor forsake me, I have prayed about it and am not sad. I remain positive whatever the result come back as,” she explained.

Mlomo added that she is grateful for the support from her friends and family.

“I have been blessed beyond with good friends and supportive family. I appreciate every effort and everything they have done up to this point.”

In one video she shared on Facebook, Mlomo tried to hold back her tears as she spoke about missing her family on her birthday.

Mlomo – whose birthday was on Wednesday, 13 March – said she missed her family and her son.

She wrote in IsiZulu: “I’ve worked for God all my life, but his will is painful. It is so gainful to celebrate the day I arrived on earth in this place. I wonder how I wrong him.”