Exclusive: Q&A with ‘Masked Singer SA’ star Jessica Nkosi

On the latest episode of The Masked Singer South Africa, season two, South African actress Jessica Nkosi was unmasked as Ice Cream. She has since opened up about her thoughts on the singing competition in an exclusive interview with The South African.


Another week, another celebrity unmasked! South African actress Jessica Nkosi was the latest celebrity to be unmasked on season two of The Masked Singer South Africa, which aired on S3 (formerly SABC 3) on Saturday 25 May. The actress, hiding under the mask of Ice Cream was best known for her roles on popular telenovelas such as Qondi in Isibaya or The Queen’s ruthless crime world royal, Thando.

Jessica revealed her favourite detective and more in an exclusive interview with The South African.

Off all the detectives, which one stood put for you?

I am going to say J’Something, because of how wrong he kept on getting it. Also, he stood out for me because he said I can sing. So, just off of that, he is my favourite.

How did the crew ensure your identity was hidden on set?

I literally had like a visor, I wore a hoodie, I had to hide my hands. Because I feel like with my hands, I always have white nails on. So, just from that people could tell that it was me. I had to hide my hands, I had to wear closed shoes, but also every time we were moving as the masks, no one would be around.

They would literally announce a mask is moving and everyone had to scatter away so we get to our cubicles without being seen.

How were you able to hide your identity from your friends and family?

I just said nothing ever. So, I didn’t have to hide it because I had nothing to hide, because I didn’t say anything.

How did you feel showcasing your singing talent with South Africa?

I wouldn’t say singing talent, but… I was in a choir in high school. So, I knew I can hold a note, I am not bad. But it was scary for people to literally outright here me sing. And I was excited for them to see a different side of me.

Who do you think are the strongest masks left in the competition?

I love Blue Crane, I love Gold, I love Butterfly, I loved Rainbow, I wish she was still there, I feel like she is an amazing singer. When she was revealed I was like… of course.