Everything you need to know about Sdumo Mtshali

With the rise of showbiz and so many individuals pursuing careers in acting, directing, and producing, just a few noteworthy names spring to mind. Sdumo Mtshali is one such person who has earned a reputation for himself in the entertainment world with his roles in iNumber Number, Rhythm City, and Isibya. He came to prominence in the entertainment sector through his roles in portraying reality TV series, directing, and producing. Despite his previous accomplishments, he still has big goals for his excellent skills and keeps pushing.


Sdumo Mtshali’s interest in acting began at a young age. Beginning in the theater, he was able to make the move into acting and establish a successful acting career. He rose to prominence after winning the first season of the SABC1 reality show Class Act in 2010. Sdumo has been wowing audiences with his spectacular performances since his debut acting role.

Sdumo Mtshali is a South African actor who was born on March 3, 1983, in Durban, South Africa. He became famous after winning the first season of the SABC1 reality competition, Class Act, in 2010. Sdumo always wanted to be an actor and had a background in theater and acting in productions while he was studying drama.He began acting at the age of 11, and his first play was Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Later on, he auditioned for Class Act in 2010 after working a series of odd jobs, like working at Marine World, and ended up winning the competition. Part of the winning prize involved representation from Moonyeen Lee and Associates, and he was sent to the New York Film Academy for eight weeks to learn more about acting.

When Sdumo returned to South Africa, he was cast in Donovan Marsh’s film ‘iNumber Number,’ which was also part of the Class Act winning award. Later, in October 2010, he won his first starring dramatic role in the SABC1 drama series “Intersexions.” After a year, he starred in the daily drama ‘Rhythm City’ as Maidi Kotwe, a medical student caught up in a love triangle. Later, as Kuti Daniels, he participated in SABC1’s drama series “Tempy Pushas.” He has also appeared in the film ‘Inside Story’ as Spikiri. Sdumo appeared in the Mzansi Magic serial ‘Isibaya’ from 2013 to 2014.Sdumo’s most prestigious role has been starring as the lead in the action thriller ‘iNumber Number’, which became a hit at film festivals all over the world. The film, where he stars alongside Tsoti star Presley Chweneyagae as a headstrong undercover cop turned crook, is everything Mtshali ever wanted. It has propelled him into the international spotlight and provided him with opportunities to bond with the best local talent.Mtshali appeared in the film ‘Back of the Moon,’ which marks a new chapter in his career as he takes on his first major role in a movie. The film is set in Sophiatown in 1958 and follows a famous musician who falls in love with a gang boss played by Sdumo the night before she goes on a global tour with a theater performance. All of this occurs during the peak of the era of The film received high praise at the Durban International Film Festival, where it was named Best South African Feature Film.

In 2015, Sdumo Mtshali was nominated for a South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) Golden Horn as best actor for his role in ‘iNumber Number’. Mtshali’s other achievements include being nominated for the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in Leading Role for his movie ‘Avenged’, and Golden Horn Award for Best Actor in a TV Drama for ‘Isibaya’.Sdumo’s age is reported to be 36 years old in his bio in 2023. All of Mtshali’s professional accomplishments can be traced back to his victory in the 2010 Class Act Competition. After winning, he was able to be represented by Moonyeen Lee and Associates and attend the New York Film Academy. The South African actor is now a full-time entertainer. He is driven by a desire to present the South African tale at a level that meets worldwide standards. Sdumo struck the ground running as a youngster, encouraged by his mother to focus his frenetic energy on the stage, and he continues to push his acting limitations to this day.