‘Everyone knows that Londie London is dating the scammer’: Ameigh on ‘RHOD’

Former Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star Londie London may have left the series two seasons ago, but her name still gets featured from time to time. This was the case in episode six of the fourth season of the show, where Ameigh Thompson spoke briefly about her ex-boyfriend.


Ameigh was at Jojo Robinson’s house with Maria Valaskatzis when they spoke about the drama between her and events planner Lindiwe “Londy MaZwide” Ndwandwe.

In the previous episode, it emerged that the two ladies are not on good terms.

Ameigh accused Londy of gossiping about her to a friend in 2022, during the time of the alleged hijacking. However, Ameigh says that Londy tells people a different story.

“She keeps telling people that I’m beefing with her because she is friends with Londie London. Now, everybody knows that Londie London is dating the scammer, right after I was scammed,” Ameigh said during her confessional.


Both Londie and Ameigh have been romantically involved with controversial businessman Sphamandla Mabonga.

When Londie and Mabonga’s relationship was revealed last year, various blogs reported that he had been accused of being a scammer. The grapevine also alleged that Mabonga dumped Ameigh, who was reportedly his fiancée at the time, for Londie.

Last year, the entrepreneur bought Londie a BMW X5 and BMW 330i in a space of a month. However, in February this year, Sunday World reported that one of the cars was a stolen vehicle. The publication reported that the police seized it and it was no longer in the singer’s possession.

Sources close to the police told the publication that the car was seized in January 2024. Investigations reportedly reveal that the car was hijacked and belonged to a security company in Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN).

In the same month, Londie revealed that she had split from Mabonga. She broke the news after the businessman was involved in a shootout at Tempo Luxury Restaurant in Sandton.

After the shooting, Sunday World reported that the businessman was charged with two counts of attempted murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm. Police also seized several firearms which are allegedly illegal.

Mabonga’s woes do not end there, as it was reported this week that he is under investigation for several cases, ranging from assault to fraud. One of the assault cases reportedly date back to December 2023 when he allegedly assaulted a journalist at Konka.

More reports suggest that he also recently appeared before the court for fraud charges levelled against him. He is accused of fraudulently purchasing several exotic cars last year.