etvsmokeandmirrors : Phakathi confesses to Mamiki about his drinking problem.

Mandla is angry and insecure about General. He confides in Sakhile who encourages him to keep fighting, but Mandla says that if Fanyana is not his son, he will walk away from Lulu.
Tuesday 28 May 2024
Episode 32
Mamiki confronts Phakathi about his drinking after Leroy finds his hip flask. Phakathi pleads with Mamiki to keep his drinking a secret. General finds out that Fanyana is not his son.
Wednesday 29 May 2024


Episode 33
Mlamuli is begrudgingly roped into Caesar and Jaxon’s plot against Phakathi. He is discovered by Phakathi unwrapping his new phone from Jaxon, which almost blows his cover.
Thursday 30 May 2024
Episode 34
Caesar brings up Phakathi’s past and sends the Police Chief on a drinking spiral.
Friday 31 May 2024
Episode 35
Tiny’s attempt to assert dominance at the hotel meets a swift challenge from Martha, who now has to steer the staff through a troubling bug crisis.