Durban Gen’s Bab’Gumede and Screwdriver from Uzalo respond to the news that they are twins in real life.

The two actors may resemble each other, but they are not father and son.

Fans have been asking Simosibucayi Buthelezi and Sifiso Sibiya if they are father and son.They claimed that at first, the questions shocked them because they were unaware of their similarities.




Simosibucayi, who plays Screwdriver on Uzalo, said he is always with Sifiso since they are close buddies, but they had no idea they looked alike until fans pointed it out to them.
“I’ve been getting questions whether Sifiso is my father. When I heard the question for the first time, I laughed thinking that the fan was just joking.“But this thing became serious when more fans asked me the same question. Sifiso and I hang out together often. We are friends but we are not related,” said Simosibucayi.“Some think I deny my father. But I don’t, we might look alike but I am not his son. We are humans after all and we are God’s creations so we must not be surprised if we look alike,” said Simosibucayi.

Sifiso, who plays Babu Gumede on Durban Gen, said one fan even told him to do a DNA test.

“I like it when people say we look like or we are related. He is my friend, we have a lot in common including the looks. One fan told me to conduct a DNA test and show the results in public. Well, that was funny and unnecessary. And I’m not going to do that to prove that we are not related,” said Sifiso.