Drake to be at Uncle Waffles’ headline show

Drake has announced that he will be attending Uncle Waffles’ show in Canada. This endorsement from the internationally acclaimed rapper and global music icon is a significant nod to Uncle Waffles, a rising star in the music scene.


Uncle Waffles, known for her dynamic DJ sets and captivating performances, has been gaining widespread attention and acclaim. Drake’s decision to attend her show not only highlights her growing influence but also marks a major milestone in her career. Having a superstar like Drake in the audience can elevate her profile and open up new opportunities within the music industry.


This moment underscores the increasing global recognition of African artists and their contributions to the global music landscape. Fans of both artists will undoubtedly be excited to see this intersection of talent and the potential collaborations or interactio ons that may arise from Drake’s support of Uncle Waffles.