Do you remember the wife of Mzansi Rapper Kwesta? See

Kwesta’s rib was stolen by Yolanda Vanessa Mvelase, who subsequently gave birth to their daughter and accepted his marriage proposal. According to multiple reliable accounts, she is a formidable woman who has stood by her rapper husband through thick and thin in their relationship and marriage. There is less known about her life and career than that of other women who date famous rappers of Kwesta’s caliber because she does not cause as much controversy. Despite her model looks and expressive features, Kwesta’s wife Yolanda prefers to keep a low profile.



Kwesta, the rapper who is married to Yolanda, was born in Zimbabwe and given the full name Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi. South Africa is the country of his birth. Kwesta has his own production company and is the owner of his own media company. Two more studio albums have been released by him since the release of his first in September of 2010.

Yolanda knew the famous rapper long before he became famous, and she continues to admire and support him despite his growing international fame. Kwesta’s dedication to his wife has not wavered in spite of his success in the workplace or the pressures of his job. They got matching ring-finger tattoos on their right hands before telling anyone about their future nuptials.