“DJ Zinhle is not a talented music maker” – Nota

Nota says DJ Zinhle does not make music

DJ Zinhle has thrived over the years in the South African music industry, and he’s recognised as one of the hottest DJs in Africa.




In a recent interview, Nota Baloyi took jabs at the DJ as he believes otherwise about the music star.The critic said Zinhle is not a music maker but leeches on other talented music artists.

When questioned by the host of the podcast about his claim, Nota adamantly said that the DJ doesn’t make music, but she can promote songs by DJing.Nota Baloyi’s claim sparked a controversy among social media users.

We are aware of the following songs owned by DJ Zinhle – Indlovu, Umlilo, Siyabonga, Colours, Mdalu, Thula and a few others.

However, she’s worked with other vocalists to deliver hits.