Dineo Ranaka’s disappearance sparks concern

Well-known Mzansi radio personality Dineo Ranaka has left her fans concerned after clearing all the posts from her Instagram page. The star who has over 1 million followers on the platform also unfollowed everyone she previously followed.




Her sudden disappearance from social media have left fans concerned as they wonder whether or not she is having another mental breakdown.

In 2023, the star opened up about having mental health struggles and suicidal thoughts. She later checked into a facility and opened up about doing much better.

South African social media users were left thoroughly concerned after media personality Dino Ranaka revealed that she was dealing with mental health issues and contemplating suicide.

Heading online, her sister Manaka Ranaka revealed that family were attending to Dineo.

Later on, reports revealed that the former Kaya FM host had been admitted to a mental health facility.

On Saturday 3 June last year, it was reported that Dineo had “discharged herself” from the facility after having a verbal altercation with a healthcare worker at the hospital.

This resulted in many X users slamming the healthcare worker in various tweets.

Despite this, the reality TV star later shared various posts and videos about recovering and even started a new podcast, Sex and Stuff.

This week, the 40-year-old has seemingly decided to take a break from social media and has cleared all the posts from her 1.3 million follower Instagram account.