Dineo Ranaka opens a restaurant

Well-known radio and TV presenter Dineo Ranaka is taking a break from the limelight and moving to the kitchen.




The former Kaya959 host has opened a new restaurant called The Untrained Chef in Wynberg, Joburg.

Dineo (40), who is also a reality TV star and DJ, spoke to the publication about the inspiration behind the eatery.

“In all honesty, I’ve always dreamt, among many dreams I’ve had, to have a restaurant, I’ve just never been vocal about it. A place where people can come to rest their minds and enjoy a moment of peace with amazing cuisine, tranquil music, tranquil mood and wholesome healthy comfort food. I guess everything in good time isn’t it,” Dineo said.

She partnered with her co-host from Ishushu on Moja Love, The Purple Chef. They run the restaurant together.

“Not only is he my co-host in Ishushu but over the years working together, I’ve become drawn to his culinary talent, skills and expertise as well as his high work ethic. I have a high work ethic myself and could collaborate with no less. He’s trained, and I love this about him. He takes well to my creativity and direction and has his own creative flair too. We work well together,” she said.

Dineo mixed her love of food with her calling as a traditional healer to come up with a healthy menu.

“I’m a culinary enthusiast who happens to be a healer, so a healthy meal offering makes natural sense. I’m also an advocate for holistic well-being and believe gut health is important. I’ve chosen health because it’s necessary, and it’s a currency. It’s important to ensure our bodies are well-nourished.

“After all, these bodies are all we have for this one life. I feel I’d be doing my calling and humanity an injustice if I just sold whatever is edible with no consideration of how it impacts a person’s overall health. Also, health certainly doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless. Our healthy comfort meals are tasty and scrumptious! A comforting offering for the health enthusiast. We also offer bespoke meal subscriptions, personalised meal plans that align with one’s health and spiritual goals,” the media personality said.