Did you know that Velaphi & Mbuso from Isitha are related in real life?

In the enchanting realm of television drama, the boundary between make-believe and reality often blurs, offering riveting tales that extend beyond the confines of the screen.




A captivating narrative unfolds behind the scenes of the immensely popular series, Isitha: The Enemy, shining a light on the intricate web of connections among its cast members and the drama that unfolds both on and off camera.Surprising fans of the show, Kwanda Manyathi, the actor behind the beloved character Velaphi, and Khanyisani Kheswa, renowned for his portrayal of Chief Mbuso, share more than just a professional bond—they’re real-life brothers. Their familial ties, stemming from their mothers being sisters, intricately link the two actors.While on the screen, their characters are embroiled in a tumultuous rivalry, the off-screen relationship between Manyathi and Kheswa adds depth to their portrayal, infusing it with complexity. The revelation of their real-life brotherhood adds a fascinating layer to the storyline of Isitha: The Enemy, especially considering the characters’ fraught history.In the series, Velaphi and Chief Mbuso were once bosom buddies until a love triangle shattered their friendship. The ensuing betrayal and heartache fueled a bitter feud between them, seemingly insurmountable. The parallels between the on-screen drama and the real-life bond between Manyathi and Kheswa are striking, showcasing the profound influence of storytelling on personal relationships.

Navigating the complexities of portraying adversaries on screen while maintaining a strong familial bond behind the scenes is no small task. Yet, Manyathi and Kheswa masterfully strike a delicate balance, infusing their performances with authenticity and depth.