Did you know James and Meme from Muvhango have a daughter together in real life?

James’ Dingaan Mokebe’ from Muvhango and Meme Tsholofelo Matshaba’ from Muvhango were married and had a daughter together. There was a show called Muvhango on the air at the time, and it wasn’t just any show; it was a look at a typical Mzansi lifestyle that was being broadcast on small screens.

James (Dingaan Mokebe) and Meme (Tsholofelo Matshaba), the onscreen power couple of the SABC 2 Venda drama series, have left a lasting impression on Mzansi. In the days when we had characters like the scheming Meme, who gave Thandaza a hard time, Muvhango was the best thing since sliced bread.
The two were known for having intriguing personalities, which made them stand out. We can all agree that Meme is one of the most memorable characters on the program, thanks to her shaved head and cornrows in other sequences, among other things. It may come as a surprise to some, but it’s difficult to believe that their on-screen romance extended beyond the confines of the television screen.

James’ Dingaan Mokebe’ and Meme’ Tsholofelo Matshaba’ from Muvhango







James and Meme did had a romantic relationship behind the scenes of their story. In real life, the two appeared to be in love, just as they appeared to be on television. However, there was upheaval in paradise, and things began to go horribly wrong. They dissolved their relationship after only a few years, but as a result of their connection, they became the parents of a girl.

Mzansi was caught aback by how quickly the situation changed after their public disagreement made headlines around the world. In the aftermath of their horrible feud, Dingaan accused Tsholofelo of denying him access to their daughter and referred to her as a “awful mother” and “child kidnapper.”

James’ Dingaan Mokebe’ and Meme’ Tsholofelo Matshaba’ from Muvhango Affair was short-lived
In one of his interviews, James ripped into Meme and aired their dirty laundry in front of the entire world. James had the following to say about it on Kaya FM:

“What has occurred to me has made me really enraged. The fact that I also grew up without knowing who my father was until I was 25 makes me sad since I went through the same thing. When I see Tsholo, things are not going to be pleasant.”

Did you know James and Meme from Muvhango have a daughter together in real life?Tsholofelo Matshaba, on the other hand, categorically denied the allegations and reacted with a series of outrageous allegations.

Dingan’s claims to Kaya FM’s audience were unmistakable fabrications. We were together for a long period of time, but I never denied him access to his daughter, and Dingaan had never made an effort to see his daughter. His interview with the magazine had no mention of his previous physical and mental abuse of me,” she informed the publication.

Many people, however, have wondered as to where Meme has disappeared to. Tsholofelo married Chris Matshaba on December 27, 2014, following her divorce from her first husband. Tsholofelo and Chris exchanged vows at Ramokokastad, South Africa. Chris Matshaba worked as a businessman, radio host, and DJ at Motsweding FM in Johannesburg. Chris passed away in 2018 after a long battle with cancer, and so their fairy tale came to an end prematurely.

Her heart was devastated since she had lost the love of her life as a result of her husband’s death. Chris and Tsholofelo had been married for three years when they divorced.