Crossover Caesar finally takes Thandiswa to the House of Zwide for her wedding dress fitting

Zanele is shocked and confused as Benjamin reveals that Zola intends to plead guilty therefore Zanele won’t have to testify against him.
Wednesday 10 April 2024
Episode 193


Isaac feels powerless to help as an emotional Keletso weeps when she finds out she can’t continue sending messages to Rea’s phone anymore due to the contract being cut because of her death.
Thursday 11 April 2024
Episode 194
Keletso’s continued anguish over Rea’s phone and Ona not sharing what’s happening in her life, have Isaac convinced he’s failing as a single parent.
Friday 12 April 2024
Episode 195
Isaac asks Bra Zakes for help with any information he might come across, regarding Nkosi’s . A worried Bra Zakes then calls Nkosi’ss and warns them, Isaac could be a problem down