Connie Ferguson Says She Just Can’t Forget Her Late Husband Shona Ferguson In The Latest Interview!

“It was unexpected. When I met Shona I was at a time in my life when it was just me and Lesedi. I never wanted to get married again and I wasn’t interested in a relationship.













“I remember the evening that I met him I was advocating for TB treatment at the time. I had just come back from an activation and he was dropping Lorato’s friends at my house.

“I heard this laughter from my kitchen and I was intrigued. So I walked down the passage and saw this guy wearing a suit facing away from me. I think he heard my footsteps and this good-looking man turned around,” shares Connie.

It was Shona’s huge smile that warmed Connie’s heart.

“He took out his hand and said hi, I’m Shona. I froze for a second. We started talking and we had so much in common.”

Three months later, Shona Ferguson paid lobola for Connie Ferguson and they got married in the same year.

“We met on the 31st of July and in October Magadi (lobola) was paid and at the end of November, we had a wedding. The feelings developed so quickly. I had never felt like that in my entire life.Their last moments together
Connie and Shona Ferguson had planned to renew their vows as they were going to be celebrating 20 years of marriage the year Shona passed on.

“We had this dance planned for our 20th. I remember when he was in hospital I kept on reminding him that he owes me a dance. The very early morning of the 30th I said to him one more day and it didn’t pan out that day.”

The actress and her sister spent the night of the 29th in hospital with Shona. She did not know that it would be their last.

“I think they told my sister and I that we can go home and freshen up.That morning I was in the shower and something was not sitting right with me. I saw endless missed calls on my phone, and my heart sank. I got an SMS saying I had to be there as quickly as soon as possible.

“After seeing the look on their faces I knew he had departed.”

Connie recalls the last conversation that they had.

“I remember the last thing I said to him and the last thing he said to me before they incubated him. He had suffered so much.

“As I was massaging his feet I told him that he is my soul mate. He couldn’t speak because he had a CPAP mask. He pointed at me too. Those were literally the last words spoken to each other before he went under. I said a lot of words after that to him hoping he could hear me but because of communication, that was it.