Connie Ferguson discusses her villainous role in ‘Heart of a Hunter’

The Queen producer and actress Connie Ferguson reveals what attracted her to the Heart of a Hunter character.

Pretoria News reports that Connie Ferguson’s Heart of a Hunter role Molebogeng Kwena is a double agent in the intelligence agency.


She fights at all costs to protect herself against incriminating evidence that is on the edge of being uncovered.

Ferguson tells the publication that she’s attracted to characters that she can relate to from a woman’s point of view. She’s also attracted to characters that challenge her own beliefs as a woman.

“Any character that has traits that I, as Connie, would question a woman who tends to be the exact opposite. In the traits of being a nurturer, a loving mother, and naturally empathetic is always interesting to portray. I imagine what I would be like in such roles. And that attracts me because I get to remove myself and find that person within somehow,” she says.

Ferguson adds that the film got her out of her comfort zone. She worked with a director she had never worked with before but whom she’s always admired.

Netflix confirms that the upcoming film is a twisty spy-thriller based on the novel by acclaimed author Deon Meyer and directed by the renowned Mandla Dube (Silverton Siege).

The Generations actress Connie Ferguson will star alongside Masasa Mbangeni and Bonko Khoza in the Netflix spy-thriller, Heart of a Hunter.

Mbangeni will portray the role of Malime Mambi, while Khoza plays the role of Zuko Khumalo. Mambi is a hardworking market seller who is a single mother on the Netflix thriller.

The show follows Khoza’s character who runs from the Presidential Intelligence Agency after obtaining information that could bring down a government.

“I am someone who loves building connections. But, Bonko, this was my first time working with him. What an amazing human being, forget the actor. He’s a brilliant actor, and I was so in awe of his skills. But what an amazing human being; he was such a pleasure to work with. And this goes for every single cast member who all brought their A-game,” says Ferguson.

The show also features actors Connie Chiume, Sisanda Henna and so many more. The spy-thriller will launch on Netflix on Friday, 29 March.