Confusion cleared: DJ Mahoota’s age revealed

South African veteran DJ Zynne Sibika, famously known as Mahoota’s age, has been a topic of interest for years. Despite taking years with fans confused over Mahoota’s age, he finally revealed it while celebrating his birthday.

DJ Mahoota remains one of the country’s most famous DJs alongside his longtime worksmate Vetkuk. The two entertainers have been in the industry for over two decades and are still among the best.




Since then, DJ Mahoota has been confusing fans with his age as they looked at his looks. Indeed, looks can deceive when it comes to age, but there usually is a consensus that would not be too wrong.

This happened with DJ Mahoota, as fans could not believe the ahe that the streets told. Since his rise, Mahoota has decided against informing the public of his age until 2023.

After he revealed his age in 2023, most of his fans, including fellow artists, could not believe it.

Several publications like Savanah News claim that Mahoota was born on 16 March 1971, making him 53 years old. This had been the age that most fans agreed to, but it was not the age that Mahoota claimed.

Celebrating his birthday on 16 March, Mahoota revealed that he had turned 61. Despite him continuously claiming to be 61, fans still struggle to accept it.

“happy61🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂”, he posted, showing consistency with his birthday post of 2023 when he said he turned 60.

Some fans failed to accept that Mahoota was 60 years old, and among them was PH, who refused to accept the age.

“I’m hearing this thing in the streets that you are 60 now. I don’t believe it one bit, but it’s fine. The most important thing is to have an amazing birthday. You are a legend in the game, and we thank you for everything.” PH said.

According to LatestZimNews, Mahoota was a name DJ Oskido started following a car Sibika had bought. It is reported that the vehicle was trash, and it never started the engine but only managed to ring the hooter, and that is when Oskido called him Mahoota.

The name became viral, with fans accepting it, and it became a brand name that one could not skip in the music industry.

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In the post that DJ Mahoota revealed his age, there was a video of his birthday bash, and it was lit. A man with tinted hair had money covering his face and was dancing. Most club members looked at him.

He pulled several viral moves like the Skomota dance and several others. Responding to his dancing, fans loved what he did and noticed other people’s reactions in the bash.

@Zanele Mazz Mazz “Ayikho indoda e handsome angayenza kanje. It’s always these 😂”

@MR TEN “@mashabelacomedy come and take your brother 😂😂😂😂”

@Emmanuel “Those girls at the back eish they need it.”