Coming Up Next On UmkhokhaTheCurse 25 : 29 March 2024

Coming Up Next On #UmkhokhaTheCurse
Monday 25 March 2024
Episode 16
Ndlovu is determined to see his daughter remain Mkhululi’s wife. Difa is resigned to his family’s fate from Umkhokha.


Tuesday 26 March 2024
Episode 17
Difa’s grieving continues, he’s lost all hope. Gabisile finds Mzobe’s izikhwama.
Wednesday 27 March 2024
Episode 18
Not right-hand man enough
MaMzobe tries to threaten Gabisile to not tell, but Gabisile calls her a bluff and tells the whole family about the secret MaMzobe has hidden for years. Ndlovu’s ambition becomes dangerous.
Thursday 28 March 2024
Episode 19
Ziphi Izikhwama
MaMzobe outsmarts Gabisile but Difa’s suspicion rises. Nokubonga finds a friend in her fellow makoti who helps her cross into a new day.
Friday 29 March 2024
Episode 20
MaMzobe’s relief is short-lived when the echoes of her oceanic deeds wash up on her doorstep – some things can’t be buried at sea. Nokubonga learns the devastating news about her womb.