Coming Up Next On IsithaTheEnemy1 : 5 April 2024

Coming Up Next On #IsithaTheEnemy
Monday 1 April 2024
Episode 226
Battle of The Plans
An excited Chuma announces that the cigarettes are back in business. Nolitha tempts Solomzi when she asks that they work together to stop the reunion, but does he take her up on his offer?
Tuesday 2 April 2024
Episode 227


Paying My Dues
Nomcebo intimidates Amahle, but Mbuso lets her know that there is nothing that will ever break them apart. After Nka receives his payout, Martha is interested in how he got his money back.
Wednesday 3 April 2024
Episode 228
Who’s The Man?
Mbuso contacts Nomcebo’s enemy and he asks for advice. Nomsa’s ability to lead the church is questioned by the male congregants and Nandi is not happy with Chuma’s decision. Marha gets a call about a business proposal.
Thursday 4 April 2024
Episode 229
How Humiliating
Mbuso has the last laugh when he humiliates Velaphi the same way that he humiliated him. Khaya and Nandi try to make love, but is the connection still there?
Friday 5 April 2024
Episode 230
Illiminating Obstacles
Nomcebo is left worried when she learns about the raid and that Chuma wants to finish Mbuso off. Nomsa takes a decision that will change her life forever.