Christina Dlomo from Generations: Where is she now?

Mfundi Vundla will undoubtedly be remembered as the man who fired South Africa’s youngest actress. Christina Dlomo, only three years old, was fired from her role as Sibusiso’s (Menzi Ngubane) daughter.

One of those actors that got fired was someone we all love, a little girl who played Christina Dlomo, Sibusiso, and Ntombi Dlomo’s daughter. Surely Christina had nothing to do with the strike, as she was just a toddler by that time. But since the people who played as her parents were also fired, it also meant that she must also go.

Since 2014, we have not heard much about her whereabouts. However, other rumours have circulated on social media, claiming that Duma Ntando portrayed the role. Christina’s parents were among those let go as a result of the circumstances that led to her contract being terminated.Many people have wondered what Christina has become, but lately, a Twitter user (X) was able to track her down and post pictures of her present appearance.

The tweet left conflicted views from viewers with some suggesting that she was living in poverty and wasted talent. However, the fact that she is in school uniform suggests that she is building a strong foundation for herself.

EzoicPictures of her in school uniform has since flooded social media, and Mzansi is more than impressed. It seems like she is furnishing her craze of acting with some academics. After all, we all hope that she bounces back with a bang.

Many stars in the past have fallen into oblivion after getting fired, and it becomes extremely hard for them to get a job or the limelight back. It is kind of natural for viewers of a television show to wonder what happened to members of the cast once they left the show, more so if it was a child star or rather a baby star.