Car accident: Lungelo Mpangase forgives the ‘drunk’ guys?

It took four years for the Lungelo Mpangase to finally forgive the alleged drunk man who got her involved in a car accident. It was a horrific scene and news after Lungelo injured her spine and almost lost her life.



For several months, Lungelo could only work or do some heavy duties, even house chores. Indeed, it was an experience that only Lungelo and nobody else could tell.

Over the years, she spoke of her survival and how it affected her life and work. Despite talking about the accident, Lungelo did not say much about reconciliation.

Indeed, people heal differently, and it took Lungelo this long to heal and forgive completely.

Sharing on her Instagram, Lungelo expressed how much it took to be able to be here today. She showed a video of the stages she took in her recovery and the people who helped her.

“Four years in, I forgive the drunk guys that almost destroyed my life.” she started saying the man was intoxicated.

“Though it will never be the same – I’m grateful for another chance in Life 🤲” she finished, admitting that things would not be the same.

Indeed, the decision she took that most of her fans loved, as they praised her in the comments.

After Lungelo Mpangase spoke of forgiving the drubk guys who got her into a car accident, her fans hailed her stregth.

@Lerato Mtombeni “My friend …. Oh hail Queen, super proud of you mgani… I salute your strength and love you to the moon and back mgani ❤❤”

@katlego “We thank God he gave us a chance to witness the star that you are❤️‍🩹”

@Nonkoliseko Nonky Mdandalaza “So sorry for what you went through love 🥰. Forgive them indeed, God will avenge on your behalf. We are happy to have you still with us today to witness your amazing acting skills 🔥❤”

After Lungelo Mpangase forgave the drunk guys who got her into a car accident, we looked into herself as a person and actress. After finding her breakthrough in 2019, it was a year of mixed emotions, as she almost lost her life.

However, it was a year that set her up for a great future in the acting business. Playing roles in two films, Idlozi and Themba Lam, showed South Africa how talented she was.

Soon after recovering from the car accident injuries, Lungelo joined eHostela as Khethiwe. The following year, she joined Mzali Wam as Ntokozo. Currently, she is part of the drama Nikiwe as Nikiwe Radebe, and fans love her talent.