Brightness Zulu’s age surprises fans

Her role as the maid of the Bhengu home in the canceled drama series Imbewu is most people’s familiar with her. Vibrance Zulu shows her acting skills after being cast as Celiwe, the opinionated Bhengu maid. She appeared to be in her mid-thirties to anyone who saw her in her maid outfits.


She from Umlazi in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. Her hometown served as the focal point of her upbringing, and she completed her high school education there.

She may have moved from Umlazi to Durban, but she still maintains tight ties to her family there. She had a penchant to act since she was young, and her singing talent made it simple for her to get a job as an MC.The Imbewu star is not just an actor but a singer. She performed and shared stage with quiet a number of artist from her Province.

Her character on the cancelled soap Imbewu’s baggy maid uniform gives off the vibe in her thirties. When Thu Sheleni showed interest in her and asked her out on a date, we saw a side of her that shocked us. With the help of Buhle, she got all dolled up and had her make-up done to look beautiful on her date. She started looking younger than she does in her maid’s uniform. Viewers were confused as to how to place her in one age group.
She is a private person and does not post that much about her age except for her recent birthday. Three years after the debut of Imbewu-The Seed, we get to know Celiwe’s age now. The actress is 27 years old as of 2024. She was born in 1997, and she is one of the promotional actors.