Basetsana Kumalo welcomes sentencing of Jackie Phamotse

Basetsana Kumalo has welcomed the sentencing of controversial author, Jackie Phamotse, to two years’ house arrest, describing it as a victory for South Africans across the country.



The Randburg Magistrates Court last September found Phamotse guilty of criminal defamation, crimen injuria, and contempt.

The charges are linked to comments she had made about Kumalo and her husband, Romeo Kumalo, on X in 2018, alluding to what turned out to be a non-existent s.e.x tape involving a young rapper.

They also relate to a book she subsequently published on the matter, titled: I tweet what I like … So sue me.

Over and above house arrest, Phamotse on Tuesday also received a fine of R30,000 or ten months in prison.

Basetsana Kumalo was at court, together with her husband and a crowd of supporters, and addressed the media after proceedings.

“The law has taken its course, justice has been served and more importantly, the dignity of my family has been restored.”

She said this victory was not just hers though and belonged to all South Africans who worked hard to earn an honest living and, especially, to all child victims of cyber-bullying.

“South Africans now have a recourse that they can come to the court to seek justice should they be cyberbullied. This judgment is also a tribute to people who’ve taken their lives because of cyber bullies.”

Phamotse’s legal team has indicated they will be appealing her conviction.

How that will pan out, though, remains to be seen.