Award-Winning Actor Mduduzi Mabaso Dons New Role in Queendom

Mduduzi Mabaso, celebrated for his portrayal of Suffocate Ndlovu in the long-running soapie Rhythm City, has embarked on a fresh journey in the realm of television dramas.Renowned for his versatility and talent, Mabaso has captivated audiences with his dynamic performances, and his latest venture promises to be no exception.

In the spotlight for his role in BET_Africa’s latest telenovela, Queendom, Mabaso has undergone a remarkable transformation to embody the character of Prince Andile Khahlamba. Departing from his familiar persona as Suffocate Ndlovu, Mabaso’s portrayal of Prince Andile showcases his remarkable range as an actor.






The transition to his “older looking man” persona in Queendom marks a departure from the charismatic demeanor of Suffocate Ndlovu. Mabaso’s ability to inhabit diverse characters underscores his prowess as a performer, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating his portrayal of Prince Andile.

Joining Mabaso in the cast of Queendom are acclaimed actresses Linda Mtoba and Sindi Dlathu, known for their roles in The River. The duo, who previously portrayed stepmother and stepdaughter in The River, will now take on the roles of mother and daughter in Queendom, further enriching the tapestry of characters within the series.

Reflecting on his iconic role as Suffocate Ndlovu in Rhythm City, Mabaso’s contribution to the South African television landscape has been significant. His portrayal of the complex gangster garnered widespread acclaim, culminating in a Golden Horn win at the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) in 2009.

Beyond Rhythm City, Mabaso’s career boasts a diverse array of roles across various television productions, including Zone 14, A Place Called Home, and Yizo Yizo 2. His talent and versatility have been showcased in dramas such as Justice For All 4, Soul City, and Heartlines: Grace, reaffirming his status as a versatile actor capable of bringing depth and authenticity to any role.