‘Ape hairline’: Zama Ngcobo shades Sorisha Naidoo?

On the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD), which released on Wednesday 6 March, former Generations star Zama Ngcobo seemingly shaded Sorisha Naidoo, saying she has an “ape hairline.”

Jojo Robinson invited the “housewives” over to her house, for a housewarming party and the drama had been spiraling out of control. Zama Ngcobo and Angel Ndlela got into a heated argument, with all the other ladies voicing their opinions as well.

Silindile “Slee” Wendy Ndlovu asked Zama about saying that Sorisha Naidoo has an “ape hairline”.

“We sat Sorisha, myself and the ‘gusband’ and you were talking about how she has an ape hairline. And that did not sit well with Sorisha and I,” said Slee.

“Sorisha and I, we joke about that,” said Zama in defence.


Annie Mthembu, who was just a guest for the two episodes of the show, was visibly upset at Zama’s comment about the former Scandal! star. Slee then told Zama that she feels she already had preconceived notions of who everyone is before she got there.

“It felt like you already knew what you came here to do. You were talking about bleaching whatever stories that went out on there social media. Now when you speak about Angel and Googling her. To me it feels like you came here already having made up your mind (on) who everybody is and that s*** irritates me,” Slee continued.

Sorisha, who is married to billionaire Vivian Reddy, sat down with Maria Valaskatzis where they discussed Zama’s comment. Maria caught Sorisha up on what she had missed out. It seems Sorisha was not pleased by the comment.

“Just before your event, we were waiting to come in and we were just hanging around and Slee was there and she was like… Sorisha your hairline, looks very much like an ape. You have an ape line, but she didn’t say it with conviction and love,” she said.

“But I think it was Slee who said, she is definitely not complementing you, I’ve never heard of an ape hairline,” she continued.

She then clarified that she is not “off” Zama, but she would prefer to keep her distance.