Anele blasts Uber after her makeup artist gets robbed during trip

South African media personality Anele Mdoda is one of the most influential TV and radio stars in the country. While she often leaves her fans and listeners laughing with her over-the-top personality — she often shines a spotlight on the more serious issues.

This week, she blasted ride-hailing services Uber after her makeup artist allegedly got robbed during a trip.



Taking to X, she called the company out for not doing more to protect their customers from drivers with sinister intentions.

South African media personality Anele Mdoda is arguably one of the country’s most talented TV and radio stars.

The mom of one has a way with people and has grown herself a huge following over the years and is one of many people’s trusted source of information.

This week, she left everyone feeling pretty alarmed after making a serious claim about ride-hailing service Uber.

According to the media personality, her makeup artist was robbed during a trip he requested to Kempton Park.

Once inside the Uber, the driver allegedly let three armed men in the car. He was then driven to Alex where he was forced by three gunmen to empty his accounts.

“My makeup artist was robbed inside an Uber!!!! Guys stop taking UBER. He requested an Uber to Kempton Park. The Uber guy stops and lets 3 armed men in.

“They drive him to Alex, tie him up and clean out his bank accounts!!!!! Your trusted Uber says they can’t do anything. They say it’s a dead end. Yeah the dead part is us!!!!!!” wrote Anele.

In the comment section, many locals shared their concerns about Uber and rival company Bolt. Many have seemingly lost faith in the ride services because of the various dangerous instances.

“I stopped using @boltapp and @Uber when my wife was nearly abducted in Kempton park in a Bolt, reported it and nothing ever happened, the ride disappeared on the app because they working with them,” one person said while another wrote:

“There was an uber guy who was robbed of his car in 2020 and the robber used that car the whole night and he robbed some of the clients he carried that night .The lesson here is stop saying uber is bad or uber drivers are criminals without getting facts first.”