‘Am I married to him?’: Maphorisa is tired of questions about Kabza

Lol! Music producer DJ Maphorisa (real name Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe) has given a scathing response to people constantly asking him about his colleague, Kabza De Small.


The Mnike hitmaker – who owns music label, Blaqboy Music – told fans to stop asking him about Kabza’s whereabouts every time they see him or engage with him.

This was in response to a fan who asked him where the Imithandazo hitmaker (real name Kabelo Motha) was during his Instagram Live session.

“You guys like asking me about Kabza as if I’m married to him. Kabza is married, he has a wife. Are you guys crazy? Stop asking me about Kabza every day like I’m marking the register. Are you mad?”

He continued: “Don’t you know he has his own house? He bought a house and has his own studio. Am I supposed to be living for Kabza? Are you crazy?” an annoyed Maphorisa said.

“Why aren’t you going to his Instagram account to ask him about his whereabouts? ‘Where’s Kabza, where’s Kabza?’ Where’s your mother and grandmother?” he sarcastically asked.

Maphorisa said was annoyed because he went into his Instagram Live session with positive energy, but fans want to ask him about Kabza.

“Doesn’t Kabza have his own life to live? Is he supposed to live for me? Are you crazy? Are him and I dating? Don’t annoy me. Stop asking me nonsense!” he said.

Kabza and Maphorisa are known to have a solid brotherhood.

During their interview on the Street Fame Culture podcast in December 2023, Maphorisa opened up about how they met.

“He blowed my mind with the songs he was playing and I started following him [sic] .”

He added that he was amazed Kabza played: “I thought to myself, ‘Yoh, this guy has got his own world that he created.’ I couldn’t just let him be, so I asked him ‘no bro let’s work together’ [sic]” added Maphorisa.

“I’ve learnt a lot of things from him, how the amapiano genre works as he did it in his own way. I started attending gigs and watched him and people who he played for. Kabza taught me a lot,” he concluded.

The two amapiano DJs have worked on a plethora of songs together and produced several hits, including Emcimbini, Abalele, Asibe Happy and Tender Love.

Additionally, the pair (who call themselves Scorpion Kings) have also released albums together. These include Once Upon A Time In Lockdown, Scorpion Kings, The Return of The Scorpion Kings and Piano Hub.

However, they’ve also had their fair share of scandals.

In June 2023, Sunday World reported that Thabiso Tshabalala (an event organiser and executive producer of The Braai Show with Cassper) slapped Kabza and Maphorisa with a letter of demand for allegedly stealing his intellect property.