Actress Jessica Nkosi’s natural look without make up leaves Mzansi speechless

Well-known Mzansi actress Jessica Nkosi’s no-makeup video and pictures left fans talking on 14 March. She is one of the country’s most followed and loved actresses, and in most of her posts on social media, some fans cited her beauty, calling her several praise names.She also shocked fans with her outfits, for example at the 2022 and 2023 Durban July, and fans called her an angel. Showing for it, she was named the best-dressed female artist at the 2023 event.At both of these events, when she is impressed, she has makeup, but how does she look when she does not have it? Her Instagram fan page shared the video and pictures, and she was excited to see her natural skin.




Unlike most actresses, Jessica Nkosi is not a big fan of Instagram live recordings and rarely does them. She surprised her fans when she started an Instagram Live, and fans noticed that she had no makeup.This was a look that most fans did not know, given how much she does not appear in public without makeup. Despite not dressing with makeup, Jessica still looked so good that some fans called her the South African Beyonce.Despite fans loving Jessica Nkosi’s no-makeup pictures, the talented actress is even more impressive with makeup, and her fans have testified to this several times. In one of her latest posts, Jessica called herself an angel when she had her makeup done by a professional, and fans agreed.
Besides makeup, Jessica is a top fan of long dresses and rarely shared pictures in mini skirts. Her long dresses had made some fans love her, calling her names of praise.

Besides going live on Instagram without makeup, Jessica Nkosi would get a new car. She shared how much people had asked her about it on her Instagram stories.

However, Jessica decided not to show the car, leaving fans guessing on which model it was.“You guys are so sweet, kodwa; so many said they would want to see my new ride”, she started.

“Okay, first. I told you guys that I’m getting a new Volvo! Can you guess which model??” she left her fans guessing.