Actor Wiseman Mncube on how becoming a sangoma changed his life

Not many people know that celebrated actor Wiseman Mncube is sangoma.

The My Brother’s Keeper star shocked many when he revealed that he accepted his ancestral calling some years ago. According to ZiMoja, the actor was speaking at the fourth Ancestors Day celebration yesterday in Muldersdrift, West Rand on Thursday, 9 May. Also at the event were other well-known celebrities Mpho Wabadimo (who is also a sangoma) as well as actor, singer and historian Mbuso Khoza.


Mncube revealed that he does not share or openly talk about his spiritual calling because it is sacred.

“It is a very emotional day for me looking back at where I came from and where I am today. If my ancestors had not been protecting and guiding me, I would not be here, alive on this earth. That is why when people gather and discuss spiritual topics, I will not engage much or argue. I know who I am and why I am here. I respect my ancestors, ” he explained.

The former Uzalo actor said it was difficult to accept that he had to become a sangoma at first.

“I was a young man living my life, never thought it would happen to me. I refused and ran from it but I eventually couldn’t run away from it and went for initiation,” he said.

“I got revelations while ephehlweni (at initiation).”

Mncube, who is also known for his roles in The Wife and Shaka ILembe, said he has achieved a lot since accepting his gift.

“I was able to do that and build my mom a house because I listened to the instructions from my ancestors. I also have a house here in Johannesburg through my ancestors. But you will never find me posting about my spirituality, but I know it is my ancestor feeding me and taking care of me. Even playing the role of UShaka is not just a job, it’s because I am called to honour those people.”

Whenever he faces challenges, Mncube said that he goes into his shrine, talk to his ancestors and prays.

In 2021, Mncube spoke out about the stigmas surrounding the religious practice.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, he said: “People are hiding. If you look at Muslims, they are respectful of their culture. They don’t hide anything about their culture, they are not ashamed. If you look at Indians, like Tamils, they have respect. Indians do it openly without shame.

“I think the reason why black people are afraid is because others think older people perform witchcraft on them. Especially if you are a sangoma, people will be afraid. There are stories that have made people afraid to be out there. You will be judged. That is how we were raised growing up.”