Actor Lehasa Moloi opens up about fight with depression

popular South African actor Lehasa Moloi‘s life was saved by fitness! The 37-year-old actor, known for his roles in Queendom, Muvhango, Rockville, and House of Zwide, opened up to the publication about how fitness was key in his mental health and substance abuse battles.


Struggles with mental health

“In previous years, I struggled to come to terms with my struggle with depression and anxiety. I guess I was looking for guidance, a way to make it through tough times. Fitness changed my life. With therapy, church, and family around me, a lot of the work had to come from you.

The actor is determined to help men confront issues and find a path to recovery.


“A lot of men have struggled and they end up taking their own lives. For me, it became that I wanted to share this thing that healed me and share it with other men. To push through the struggles and overcome them.”

“I want to share with men that there’s a way that works and it doesn’t involve alcohol or violence. You can take control of your life,” Lehasa said.

Lehasa stars in a new Netflix film titled The Vow, alongside Tumi Morake, Kenneth Nkosi, and Nqobile Nunu Khumalo.

“We shot this a long time ago in March 2021. That was a project done with an acquaintance of mine, Adze Ugah. He brought me on board and when they consulted with me, it was the height of actors not having work, Covid-19 times.

“We were worried about where the next plan would be coming from. It was a nice return to acting after taking a break due to the pandemic. It was a good experience. We didn’t shoot for too long. It was a two-week long shoot. Most movies are shot between months and three years, that was super-fast. I think it was a nice show to be part of,” he said.

The actor played Alvin Kennedy West in the movie.

“He’s an eligible young bachelor looking for love. He’s in an area in life where he has everything and finds himself not having anyone with whom to share it.

“He eventually finds the one and everything is perfect, until certain secrets come up and the exes try to derail the relationship. Thankfully, the older and wiser characters teach them about self-reflection and forgiveness. It has a happy ending,” he said.

Lehasa said he related to the film in that aspect.

“That’s how relationships work. There’ll be issues and you work through them. I’m not completely unfamiliar with this. You don’t get there through love. I’ve been married for over 10 years, it’s not just through love. It’s about God’s grace and maturity. You get to a point where you guys are able to work through things together,” he continued.

What’s he busy with?

Lehasa is currently developing two brands, Nu Mustle and a podcast, together with his wife.

“Nu Mustle is a brand I’m trying to build to train people. I’m also transitioning it into more of a clothing brand called Athleisure wear and fitness clothes.

“With the podcast with my wife, we’ve become busy this year, but are working on it. We haven’t had much time to focus on it. It’s still in the works and will focus on many topics surrounding the institution of marriage,” he said.